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J. M. Halis

A Bit About Me

Even as a young child, I was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters.  My English teachers would ask me to read my short stories before the class, and my classmates would compliment me on them afterwards.  As a professional storyteller, I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my stories to life in engaging and entertaining ways.  I will always give my readers a "good read" that they will hopefully recommend to others, and I aspire to create characters that will stay with them long after they close the back cover of my novels.

On the Desk
Vintage Bookstore
Aeriel View of New York
Cafe Window
Bridge Over a Lake
Lost Light

When heartbroken New York City magazine editor Elyse Montgomery inherits the South Bass Island lighthouse in her grandmother's estate, she returns to the small Lake Erie island, also known as Put-in-Bay, to temporarily live in the lighthouse until it is sold.   She soon finds out that the lighthouse is haunted by an unearthly presence, and it becomes her quest to help the spirit crossover to the other side.  She also meets Jacques "Jack" LeClare, a sexy and secretive chef from the neighboring Middle Bass Island, who makes her believe that she can actually fall in love again after an ill-fated affair with her boss and media mogul, Roger Strong.  Even though Elyse has the support of her Great-Uncle Joe on the island and her good friends Rachel Rothenberg and Socrates Johnson back in New York City, she is still perplexed about what to do about her current predicaments.  Can she trust her heart for the answers that she seeks, or will she discover that the light in her life, once thought to be lost forever, has now been found? 

Full Moon_edited.jpg
Lasting Light

All of us remember our first love, but what if we had to share that person with another?  Could we endure the heartache?  What if that other person was also a mirror image of ourselves and knew us better than anyone else?  The South Bass Island lighthouse on Put-in-Bay, OH, is "haunted" again in order to solve this new dilemma that will touch the lives of the LeClare family and friends while forging a firestorm of feelings that will ignite more than their hearts!

Purchase Information

If you would like to place an order for either one of my novels, please use the submission form below.  At the present time, I can only accept personal checks until additional methods of payment are added to my website.  You may also purchase my novels in person at the following Put-in-Bay, OH, establishments:  Butterfly House; Carriage House; Country House; Dockside Gifts (located at the Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock); and the Put-in-Bay Winery.  Other vendors may be added in the near future on Put-in-Bay and on the mainland, so please check back on my website for updates.  Thank you for visiting my website, and if you do place an order, I want to express my gratitude for your patronage of my work.  Most importantly, keep reading local authors!   

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9451 Yvonne Dr.

North Royalton, OH  44133-1268


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